Dahua failed to start playback netsdk returns error

Dahua failed to start playback netsdk returns error

Minimum search word length is 3 characters - maximum search word length is 84 characters. Login name. Remember me. I have seen that before when running an older recorder on SmartPSS. If you do not think this is the case you can always upgrade the software. Check out the new Tech! NOTE: new posts are subject to administrator approval before being displayed. This topic has subscriptions. Currently Online: 23 Guest s.

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Email address. Follow Us on Social Media. Call Us Toll Free: Live Support Chat.The error code of SDK is listed according to modules. Major and frequently-occurred error codes are shown below.

The expiry time is 20s.

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Request timed out. Check the address configuration of the platform. Sending request to platform timed out. Check the configured address or the network.

Home Page. It is usually caused by improper usage of SDK by the users. For details, refer to error code of server port 4 system resource exception Usually caused by inadequate system resource, e. The reason maybe that the DNS is not configured or the device is disconnected.

It may be caused by incorrect platform address. Insufficient memory or the picture size is too large. It may be caused by the configuration problem ofPlatformAddr. System displaying signature error. The channel corresponds with a specific camera. It will report this error if users enabled terminal binding. Clear-text key and MD5 key mismatched. Verification code error. Check the device network status.

It is usually caused by network problems. Push message level error. Initialize by calling the API Init first.

Dahua error codes explained

Call register API first. You haven't call create API. Network disconnected or unstable network. Unsupported by the protocol version. The service doesn't exist.

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Incorrect mqtt username and password. It may be caused by invalid configuration of PlatformAddr. The session might has been released.Personal tools Log in Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View source History. Export pages. From Dahua Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Tools Upload file Log in. Seagate DB Please upgrade to the latest version to solve this problem. Program read error, bit data is too small. There is mosaic in the full screen. Please restart the NVR to solve this problem.

Otherwise the PTZ control is not stable. Or you can install client-end software of lower version. Camera quality is too low. Lens is dirty. Camera is installed against the light.

Camera aperture setup is not correct. There is no DivXBundle. Please contact your local service engineer or our sales person for help. We can guide you to solve this problem. Please cheek current resolution setup. The network bandwidth is not sufficient. The multiple-channel monitor operation needs at least M or higher. Your PC resources are not sufficient.

For ch remote monitor operation, the PC shall have the following environment: Quad Core, 2G or higher memory, independent displayer, display card memory M or higher.

Shut down the device and then reboot. When you reboot, please press the Fn button at the same time and then release after 5 seconds. You can restore NVR resolution to the default setup.Forgot your password? By zgebisOctober 7, in Digital Video Recorders. I am using the SmartPSS 1. This is supposed to be a hybrid dvr with 16 analog and 16 ip. We so far have not hooked up any ip cameras to the DVR. I usually get "failed to open video". Both when locally and using a remote connection.

On the Internet Explorer client all video feeds come in fine without lag. Also on the gDMSS app all 16 feeds will load just fine.

The unit is connected to the router with a cable and the router says its gigabit speeds. I also tired using two cables and the load balancing feature and still have the same problem. I can sometimes drag the camera into the software and get them to load, but most times the error displays. The computer is a windows 7 pro laptop with 3gb of ram.

Have you tried using version 1. It could just be the latest version that's causing the problem.

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I haven't really ever experienced anything like this unless the information is being entered into SmartPSS incorrectly. I guess firmware might be an issue and it's worth looking into. I have tried PSS and have no problems. I kinda liked the newer feel of the SmartPSS and the features that came with it. I still don't have a good explanation for you as to why SmartPSS isn't playing nicely for you unless it's a computer issue with the program. Do you know how to get a hold of someone at Dahua?

I sent a email on the support site but had no response in the past two days. I bought the DVR from a dead beat seller on Ebay who is totally unhelpful and supposedly he is a professional installer company owner.

I guess I got screwed in that deal since I paid more for one with a "three year warranty" but he wont respond to messages so I am screwed. Yeah 4 of the 16 open no problem. Tried a different PC same problem. The network is gigabit so its not a network quality issue. Tried on both a windows 7 and 8 PC. No answer yet from dahua. If you feel like he's not holding up his end of the deal, then file a chargeback and report him to eBay so they boot him; that'll get his attention.

That's true. I'm a very special buyer on Ebay. I spend close to 4k monthly. If I call eBay they will refund me without problems.You should know for sure that you have to fix this error ASAP, otherwise your machine will be broken sooner or later. This NetSDK. As a result, it will pop up an error message when this file is corrupt or damaged.

In such circumstance, you may have a problem running the program or using the computer properly. Most of the time, you will get an error message when there is a computer error. That error message may give you any hint on what may be wrong. Knowing the root of the problem is half the battle won when it comes to fixing the error. The file from those websites are not verified by the official NetSDK.

In case you really need a copy of NetSDK. Now you can use the following solutions to fix NetSDK. Incorrect installation or uninstallation of a software may also lead to computer errors. If you start receiving NetSDK.

Recover NetSDK. This solution works only if this file worked properly before you deleted it. The registry is the place where most computer errors like NetSDK. When a software was installed or uninstalled incorrectly, sometimes there will be some invalid or corrupt registry entries of some software files like NetSDK.

That's why it's necessary to regularly clean those invalid and corrupt registry entries and keep the registry compact so that such errors can be reduced and your computer performance can be improved. Attention: The system registry stores all information that all software and hardware require to run. So it's not suggested that you clean the system registry manually.

You should know that a slight mistake may make your software unpredictable or even crash your system. It's possible that your NetSDK.

Those computer malware can damage, modify or even delete your files like NetSDK. Moreover, it's also possible that this NetSDK. Click and download this powerful Virus Removal Tool to free check your system. Use Windows System Restore to undo recent changes in the system System Restore is a useful recovery tool in Windows that enables you to undo changes made to your system and software.

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But this works only if you have created a restore point when everything worked fine.This document has described functions, interfaces and calling relationship between functions. The kit mainly includes the following functions: Device login, real-time monitoring, record playback and playback control, record download, PTZ control, audio intercom, video snapshpot, alarm report, device search, intelligent event report and picture snapshot, user management and some other functions device restart, device upgrade, video image parameter setup, channel name setup, device network parameter setup and etc.

Files in development kit are shown below:. Initialization is the first step of SDK business. The module itself does not include surveillance. Set callback function when the device converts from off-line to on-line.

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It is recommended to wait for a while after login, the waiting time varies by devices. When SDK initialization is complete, user need to login to Dahua device first.

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Only when the. Login ID is the unique sign to. It has three login methods according to function and use scene: sync login, async login and auto. User can call SDK self-carried reconnection function, as well as can call login and logout.

The provided login operation is for Dahua devices only, not for other manufuature s devices. Please use the login operation carefully, otherwise the device will not be able to login successfully. Login and logout should be used as a pair. In case of resource leak, you must call logout. When client with SDK has fluent connection to Dahua device, you can start the login operation. NO Successfully register user to device? It is recommended to wait for a while after login, the waiting time va ries by devices.

Real-time monitoring which is to get real time stream from storage device or front-end device is. After login to device, SDK can obtain main stream, aux stream and the third stream from device.

Support: Save real-time record to specific folder, user can save callback stream to achieve. Save real-time data in callback function for further use. It is not recommended to do any. Record playback is to playback record of certain channels during specific periods,in order to. Interface for fast play. Interface for slow play. Firstly user inputs start time, end time and valid window handle of record, then SDK will call.The list below explains their respective meaning and possible solution.

Dahua error code 0x01 Explanation: Abnormal reboot: power loss, system crash, or other undefined abnormality. Troubleshooting tip: Make sure the unit is getting enough power, in this case you may check the power adapter sometimes it goes badthe power outlet or whether your power grid went randomly down.

Other suggestions: reset the unit to factory default and ppdate to the latest firmware. Dahua error code 0x02 Explanation: Log stuck.

Can your Smart PSS REMOTELY playback your cameras that record to their local NFS?

Troubleshooting tip: Clear the log. Dahua error code 0x03 Explanation: Hard drive read-write slow: hard drive read-write speed has dropped significantly; hard drive capacity has seriously decreased; hard drive is dead.

Sometimes formatting the hard drive will fix the issue. Dahua error code 0x04 Explanation: Abnormal recording: Over 3 minutes with no stream on the recording channel, this means that certain channels experienced video loss.

Dahua error code 0x05 Explanation: Bad track: The hard drive has a bad track. You can try to format the hard drive. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. About Contact Privacy Policy. Home Technical How-to Dahua. Dahua error codes explained January 14, Related Posts. How-to Dahua. Setting up dual network ports on Dahua recorders February 8, Load More.

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